Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock

Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock

The Big Dam Bridge in Little Rock, Arkansas isn’t just another bridge. This is one of the longest bridges designed for bicycle riders and pedestrians in the country. But this isn’t the only reason why this bridge is so popular. The bridge is also beautiful during the day and night.

About the bridge

The bridge was built especially for pedestrians and bicyclists. The name of the bridge is perfect for the size of the bridge. This is really a big bridge that is about 4,226-foot-long and is over the Murray Lock and Dam.

The bridge is about 9 meters over the dam and river. The bridge connects people to 14 miles of scenic riverside trails and to prove easy access to all parts of the city. Many families are walking alongside the bridge, enjoying an afternoon or evening alongside the most beautiful part of Little Rock.

Attractions around the Big Dam bridge

The Big dam bridge is more than just a place where pedestrians and cyclists are enjoying the view alongside the dam. There are some attractions and stores that are close to the bridge that is making it easier to get to the most important attractions.

The bridge is giving pedestrians access to the Clinton Presidential Center, the River Market, museums, restaurants, and other attractions. A much easier way to get from one part of the city to the next. There are also some great events that are being held there annually. So, keep an eye out for notices on when the next event is going to be.

Amenities that you need to know

There are some amenities that you also might find interesting. There is free parking for those that just want to walk on the bridge and experience the activities on the other side. The bridge is open on Sundays for Sunday afternoon strolls or for just a day out with family and friends.

The bridge is also pet-friendly. You can take your dog with you on a walk on the bridge. There are amenities for sports events as well. This is why there are many sports events held on the bridge.

If you want to walk on the longest pedestrian and cyclist bridge, then you should go to Little Rock. This is not only the longest pedestrian bridge in the country, but it is also really beautiful and an experience that you should have. If you are in the area, going to walk across this bridge is just a must. You can bring along your children and even your pets for an experience that you will not find anywhere else. I personally think it’s a great place to take the family after a long day at work running my company.