The Old Mill in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Old Mill in Little Rock, Arkansas

The Old Mill in Little Rock, Arkansas is more than just another historical building. This is an attraction that will make sure that everyone visiting this place, is going to have a great experience. The problem is that only a few people know about The old mill and that this is a great place for some family time.

More about the Old Mill in Little Rock

The old mill was built in 1933. The mill appears in the opening scene of the film Gone with the wind. This is the only structure that is still standing from the film. The film was made in 1939.

The park is more than just the old mill. There are some beautiful sculptures and other beautiful things that you can enjoy. The old mill is joined with the rest of the park with the tree branch-entwined bridge.

Activities that you can enjoy

Don’t think that the only thing that you can do at the park is to visit the Old mill and to enjoy the beauty of the park. There are many activities that you can enjoy with friends and family. Outdoor activities that will be great for winter times or for the summer times.

It is handicap accessible as well. Meaning that people with handicaps are welcome to visit the park and the Old Mill. They will not have any problems enjoying the park with the rest of the people. This is a great place where you can spend some quality time with family and friends.


It is great to know that the park is open on Sundays and that you will get free parking when you are going to the park. The park is pet-friendly, so you can take your pet with you when you are visiting the park for the day.

The Old Mill is the historical site in the park, and you can visit it without paying additional fees. Great for group tours or for just a day out of the city. As a local tree service owner, I highly recommend visiting the Old Mill.

Different projects for those that want to make a difference

For those people living in Little Rock, there is the option to get involved in different projects in and around the park. This is ideal for those who enjoy the park and the Old Mill and who want to make a difference to ensure that it will still be available for enjoyment, years from now.

The old Mill in Little Rock is a historical site within the park. There are a couple of great things that you can see and experience there. Making sure that you have a great time with family and friends. And, after you have visited the Old mill, you want to consider watching Gone with the wind (1939). The Old Mill was in the opening scene of the movie.