Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock has their own zoo. It might not be as huge as zoos in other countries and cities, but this is still offering a variety of animals. This is a place where families are getting together. Where children are experiencing the animals and have fun at the play area. This is a great place for the young and old.

History about the zoo

The zoo started with just 2 animals, back in 1926 when it first opened. Now, they have more than 200 species and a total of 725 animals at the zoo. Even if this is the largest zoo in Arkansas, this isn’t such a large zoo as in other countries. However, this doesn’t mean that it is boring to visit the zoo.

There are local animals and international animals that you can see at the zoo.

Fun for the whole family

It really doesn’t matter how old you might be. Visiting the zoo with friends and family is really great. There you can experience the animals with your children and have just as much fun as them.

There are some play areas where the children can play and the adults can rest before they are going on to the next part of the zoo. If you are hungry or thirsty, you won’t need to search far to find something great to eat.

Events and school programs

At the Little Rock zoo, there are some events and school programs that children can enjoy. Especially during the summer holiday. During the events and school programs you can learn more about the different animals and how they have landed at the zoo. Children are going on school trips to the zoo to learn about animals and learn why we should always consider the animals around us.

There aren’t only events for children. There are some events, especially at night, designed for adults. Meaning that you can leave your children at home and enjoy a couple of hours with friends.  With the special events, you will be able to experience things that you will not experience otherwise.

Little Rock zoo. Many people are saying that this is a huge zoo with lots of animals in. However, according to the other zoos in other countries, this is one of the smaller zoo pools that you can find. This doesn’t make a difference to anyone. There are still many animals you can see, and there are different opportunities where you can learn more about the different animals. It doesn’t matter how many times you were at the zoo. This will always be one of the best zoos that you have been visited. With a huge variety of animals and mammals, you will have the best time of your life. All in all I recommend this attraction in Little Rock, it is a great place to spend time with the family when taking time off work.