The Junction Bridge

The Junction Bridge

Little Rock has a secret. A secret that not many people know about. The Junction Bridge. A place where you can go for a stroll, or even going to ride your bike on. This is one of Little Rock most popular attractions. With it being renovated a couple of years ago, this is more than just another bridge. The only way that you can be sure about is that you will love the bridge. Especially at night, when it is all lid up.

One of the most beautiful bridges in the country

This is for sure one of the most beautiful bridges in the country. You can enjoy a walk or riding your bike on the bridge. This isn’t a bridge for vehicles. Making this even a more beautiful bridge.

The thing about the bridge that you should know is that the bridge is really old. It was renovated in 2008. Renovating the bridge and making sure that the bridge is safe for everyone. There are many things that you can enjoy on the bridge, like having a picnic on the grass underneath the bridge and by the water.

More than just another bridge

If you think that this is just another bridge that you can find near Little Rock, then you should think again. This is so much more than just another bridge. At night it is colorful and really beautiful. During the day, you can have a picnic and enjoy the tranquility that the water has to offer.

There are a couple of attractions near the bridge that you can also enjoy after the walk on the bridge. Meaning that you can have a full day of visiting attractions and enjoying Little Rock completely.

Can be used for private parties

This is what is making this bridge so special. You can hire the bridge service for private parties. At night, this is a great outdoor location for holding and hosting a party. You just need to make sure that you are booking the bridge with the right people. This is one of the best locations in Little Rock for having an outdoor party.  Especially, during summer time.

The junction bridge in Little Rock. A great place with a great atmosphere. During the day, you can visit the bridge and walk to the other attractions. At night, the bridge is colorful and you can rent for your outdoor party. This is why this bridge is unique and special. With it been renovated recently, this is one of the most beautiful bridges in the area.