Dickey-Stephens Park

Dickey-Stephens Park

If you are visiting Little Rock and you love baseball, then you should make sure that you are going to Dickey-Stephens Park. This is an experience that you should consider. There are many people that are going to Little Rock, just to watch a game at this park. These are some interesting information about the Dickey-Stephens Park in Little Rock.

Why is this a great tourist attraction in Little Rock?

The first question that you might ask, is why is this a great tourist attraction in Little Rock. This is because baseball is really big in this town, and if you are also a baseball fan, then you would understand why Dickey-Stephens Park is so important. I enjoy taking time off work to come here.

There are many people that are coming from all over the country to have a visit to this park and to watch a game of baseball. A must have if you never have experienced a live baseball game. The atmosphere is something that you should just experience. Nothing comes close in drinking soda, enjoying a hotdog and watching a game of baseball.

Some history about the park

The park was built in 2006 and opened for the first time in 2007. The building lasted for 426 days. Not that long if you consider how huge the park really is.

The opening of the park was held on April 12, 2007, with the first game playing. 7943 fans attended the opening of the park. Making history. The is a huge number of fans that are visiting the opening of a ballpark in the country. The park is still in use today. In fact, this is one of the most popular baseball parks in the area that many fans are attending with each game.

Getting the best experience visiting this park

Baseball fans know that watching a game live, in a baseball park is something that you should experience. And, if you are near Little Rock, or you are a huge baseball fan, then the Dickey-Stephens Park is the park to visit. This is a huge park, and the experience that you are going to get there is extreme.

Dickey-Stephens Park. A baseball park in Little Rock, Arkansas. A park that is about 12 years old, and that is giving fans a great experience watching the game live and enjoying the atmosphere. There is nothing coming close to a live baseball game, and when you are visiting Little Rock, or you are in the area, this is a place that you should visit for sure.