Wild River Country

Wild River Country

This isn’t just a normal river park in Little Rock. This is one of the largest water parks in the country. There you will find all kinds of water activities that you and your whole family can enjoy. This is a place where everyone is during the summer weekends and holidays. And, if you weren’t there before, this is a place that you should visit for sure.

What the park has to offer

Yes, this is definitely one of the largest water parks in the country. And, for sure the largest one in Little Rock. You need to make sure that you know why this is such a great park before you decide that the water park isn’t for you.

There are 13 different attractions, 11 different thrilling rides, and party decks. There are rides for adults and for children. Making this a great way to spend the day as a whole family. The park is only open during the summer times, so you should just make sure about the date that you want to go, before planning your adventure.

Events that you should not miss out on

This is more than just another water park. There are even some events that are being held there on a regular basis. Events that are designed for the whole family. You should make sure that you are watching the news and social media sites for more information about these events.

You can also book your own private event at one of the party decks. You should arrange it with management. The park is offering you everything you need, to have the best possible day. From snacks, drinks and even lunch.

Know their opening times and make the best of your whole day

You need to make sure that you know their operating hours. This is to make sure that you are getting the best possible experience for as long as possible. It is also important to know that the park isn’t open during the winter time. So make sure about the time that they are open and enjoy a full day of water activities and fun.

The Wild River Country park is a water park where you and your whole family can enjoy a fun-filled day. There are rides for everyone, some snacks that you can purchase and drinks to cool you down after a long job. No matter what, you will know for sure that you are going to have a day to remember.