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North Little Rock Tree Service

At Arbor Care Tree Service, we are dedicated to staying up-to-date with the cutting edge technology as far as the tree industry is concerned.  Over the last decade or so, our certified crews have always employed the best tree practices and state-of-the-art technology to achieve two things: keep trees healthy and achieve customer satisfaction. Our extensive list of services is centered on those two objectives. We strive to become the best North Little Rock tree service in Arkansas while conserving the environment.

What service do we offer?

Storm damage clean-up

When Mother Nature causes havoc, you can rely on Arbor Care Tree Service to arrive promptly at your home or commercial space to remove the trees, branches and clean up any other effects of storm damage. We won’t charge you exorbitant fees because you’re in a complete mess after a storm. We want to satisfy your needs without hurting your pocket.


Damaged, diseased, dead or ugly trees may reduce the value of your home. Other reasons may include the trees overhanging across your neighbor’s yard and impeding desired sunlight. We can safely and effectively cut unwanted trees and branches without causing damage to your house or nearby structures. We will also take care of the debris from the cut tree, leaving your yard clean and tidy.


Because trees respond to the environment, they often grow asymmetrically and become unsightly if left unchecked. To preserve the aesthetic beauty of your trees, we can trim your trees to get rid of the overgrown branches, limbs of foliage. As a result, the potential for liability in terms of your roof or adjacent utility lines is significantly reduced.

Stump grinding

Using our self-propelled self grinding machines, we can access most stumps located in difficult areas. The advanced machines can grind stumps several inches under the surface thus allowing you to plant whatever you like in future in and around the area. You can also make use of the grinding remains as mulch for your seedlings.

Tree recycling

We don’t find pleasure in just chopping off trees and harming the environment. Arbor Care Tree Service is an ardent supporter of the green initiative and environmental protection. As a result, we don’t throw the cut trees and branches to the landfill. Instead, we recycle them into mulch and even firewood. This helps avert unnecessary logging for firewood.


If you are looking for a reputable Tree Service in North Little Rock to start work on your trees, contact us for a quote at 501-541-8020.  We can promise all our potential clients in Little Rock of the highest quality work, done promptly, and at affordable prices.