Stump Grinding And Removal

Perhaps you had a tree removed from your property for whatever reason. While the tree has been taken down and cleanup has been completed, there is still a remnant of it left: the stump. One of the trickiest arborist jobs out there is removing stumps. It’s not the type of job that you can do on a DIY basis because of the equipment and skill involved in completing such a task. If you are looking for a Little Rock stump removal service, you should entrust the job to our experts at Arbor Care Tree Service.

Why Get a Stump Removed?

As mentioned earlier, the stump is the remnant of a tree that has been removed. Even when the tree is gone, the stump remains there, still occupying space that you could have otherwise used for more meaningful things. While the stump stands, you cannot use that space for any kind of purpose. Another concern is as the stump (and the roots underneath it) dies out, it can render the ground it stands in unstable. The dead wood can also harbor parasites that can damage surrounding plants or hasten the breakdown of parts of your home.

Those are just some of the reasons why removing a stump makes sense. Arbor Care Tree Service is here to help you out if you need to have a stump removed from your property.

The Process of Stump Removal

One reason why you should choose Arbor Care as your service provider of choice for Little Rock stump removal is because we follow the right process to get it done. Here is an outline of our standard operating procedure before proceeding to remove a stump in any property.

Assessment- A prior assessment should be done before proceeding with removing any kind of stump. One should check the ground where the tree used to stand; assess the characteristics of the ground itself and the presence of any structure close to the stump. The characteristics of the tree, from its size to its age, are also evaluated. From this assessment, the arborist can then plan the best approach for safely removing the stump

stump grinding in little rock

Stump grinding

While many methods cam be used for taking out a stump, from manual uprooting to burning, perhaps the most accepted technique for removing stumps is by grinding it off. This method will require the use of a grinder, a heavy-duty machine specifically designed for removing stumps. This method is an incredibly quick way for removing stumps; it won’t take the entire day if done the right way. Grinding is potentially dangerous if not done the right way, so this job is best left to the pros.

Stump Disposal

This is one important step that most stump removal services do not talk about. Just like any other waste, it is important that stumps should be disposed properly. Here at Arbor Care Tree Service, we are proud to say that we properly dispose stumps and other residues left from our removal operations. We recycle what we can into firewood and mulch chips, protecting the environment and lessening the load on local facilities.

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