Little Rock Tree Service

Your landscape is an important part of your property value and your everyday life. Don’t let it suffer! The professional arborists at Arbor Care Tree Service provide the best Little Rock tree services you can find. Our trained professionals are fully licensed and insured. They’re expertly trained in tree health, safe tree removal, and proper tree trimming. They’ll never leave a job without cleaning up either!

We have earned the respect and loyalty of many. With over a decade of experience, specializing in a wide range of arborist services for both residential and commercial tree service needs. No matter which tree service you’re in need of, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality of service from Arbor Care Tree Service.

We offer both emergency and non-emergency services for both residential and commercial needs in Central Arkansas. We’ve become the name to beat when it comes to tree companies in Little Rock. We only employ ISA certified arborists, ensuring that any member of our team that works on your yard is fully qualified to perform the necessary work. Each and every job our company performs is insured, so you can rest assured your residential or commercial property is in safe hands.

Our Little Rock tree services include but aren’t limited to the following:

Storm Damage

A storm can damage properties in a wide range of ways. It can cause leaves and branches to fall, or it can even take down full trees, crushing just about anything standing in its path. In the aftermath of a storm, there is just too much needed to be done. This is where getting a qualified Little Rock tree service can make life easier. Arbor Care Tree Services offer emergency services, and one of them is storm damage. We respond to emergency calls promptly, and we will be there at your doorstep ready to go to work. We can help in cleanup, safe removal of fallen tree parts, and trimming/removal of the remnants of the tree.

Little Rock Storm Damage
Tree Removal in Little Rock

Tree Removal

There are some situations when you need to have a tree removed from your place. It may be diseased, dead, causing danger to surrounding structures, or getting in the way of a construction project. Regardless of the reason, it is a must that the tree should be safely removed from your property. For such assignments, it is important that you hire the right tree service. This is where our experts at Arbor Care Tree Service can help you out. With our advanced tools and strategic approach, we make sure that trees are removed in the safest way possible.

climbing a tree in little rock

Tree Trimming

Keeping your tree properly trimmed is not easy. You have to properly plan where you should cut depending on the type of tree involved. Also, there are some branches that are too high or too close to dangerous objects such as power lines. It is recommended to have your trees regularly trimmed before they start to cause problems. If you are looking for the best tree trimming service in Little Rock, Arbor Care Tree Service is here for you. Our expert arborists will help keep your tree properly trimmed. Not only can you avoid potential hazards such as falling branches, but it will also make sure that your tree is both healthy and look good

Tree Trimming in Little Rock

Stump Grinding

The stump is the remnant of a tree that is removed. If left there, the stump is just occupying space, space that you can use in more purposeful ways. Worse, it can possibly cause hazards such as tripping. However, removing stumps is not as easy as it sounds. Arbor Care Tree Service is the one you should call if you are in need of stump grinding service. Our arborists have years of experience in safely removing stumps, and they are armed with the right equipment for quick and safe removal. Whether the stump has existed for years or coming from a freshly removed tree, our experts will help grind it off safely and effectively.

Stump Grinding Little Rock Before
Little Rock Tree Recycling

We Recycle Trees!

We also recycle the trees we remove. That’s right; all oak trees that we cut down are turned into the firewood we offer year-round and the pine trees that are removed are turned into lumber and wood chips. You can rest assured that you’re not only getting the best tree services in Arkansas, but also that the company you chose is environmentally conscious.